Selling your home

Selling Your Home with Susan Dickstein

As a realtor in the Salt Lake Valley, Susan’s expertise allows her to help you sell your home. Susan listens carefully to your needs and makes recommendations to sell your home at top dollar. Susan educates you to understand the market so your home is viewed #1 in the eyes of a potential buyer.

Selling Process

  • Susan keeps you informed of what will happen throughout the selling process. Everything is manageable and less stressful when you know what to expect.
  • Once the house is listed, no one will ever enter your home without you knowing about the appointment.
  • Outstanding service begins when the listing agent provides information from those who have been through the home. Updates are given as often as possible allowing you the opportunity to take advantage and make changes to make your home more desirable.
  • Signs, photographers, & websites are just a few examples of Coldwell Banker’s national resources that help potential buyers view your home. Coldwell Banker has the largest real estate owned (REO) department world wide so you have the opportunity to meet people from Utah or out of state who may be interested in your property.
  • Susan provides contacts for experienced: home inspectors, electricians, plumbers, mortgage bankers, and other professionals in and out of the industry.  These contacts are trusted partners in the transaction allowing you the benefit of their expertise and reasonable pricing.

Home Value

  • Determining the selling price begins with determining the value of your home based on location, local and comparable properties, as well as, the current condition of the home.
  • Making necessary updates, pricing your home accordingly, and staging the home to look its best are options best suited to be determined by the homeowner. Susan is always there to provide input.


  • Susan ensures they are comfortable with the process and provides understanding as they move to the place where they can get the care they need. what is happening whenever possible, and moving to the place they can get the care they need.
  • Seniors often feel that having a trusted neutral third party who is not related to them is beneficial to handling all the families concerns and making sure the sale doesn’t end current VA and retirement benefits.
  • From a young age, Susan learned to love older people and still enjoys cheering them up and making their lives better.

Business Philosophy

  • Susan believes in “Givers Gain” and does everything she can to give you a GREAT experience so you will tell all your friends and family they need to use her for all their real estate needs. She routinely recommends good people who do quality work at practical prices.
  • Susan’s loyalty to her clients, friends, family and business associates makes her stand out among other realtors. She values providing excellent service and feels that maintaining relationships is the only way to do quality business.

Contact Susan today at 801-381-3479 or fill out the form 

Oh, by the way…if you know of someone who would appreciate the level of service Susan provides, please contact her with their name and business number. Susan is happy to follow up and take great care of them. Susan is never too busy for a friend or a referral.

Sellers Resources

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