Buying your home

Buying Your Home with Susan Dickstein

Whether you’re a family, a senior citizen or first time homeowner, buying a home is a big decision. Susan takes the time to get to know you and ask important questions about what you need in a home, like do you garden, have dogs, children, do you enjoy to cook or prefer a big basement. Where do you want to live and how long do you plan to stay? And many more key questions that make the difference.

Susan’s approach to buying a home, plus ten years as a real estate agent in Salt Lake City, guides home owners to make buying decisions they feel confident about. Susan thinks of her own home as a “sanctuary” and delivers this same experience for her clients. Susan’s approach to buying a home creates a comfortable working environment for her customers:

Where Memories Are Made

  • The process of buying a home begins with a conversation to determine what the priorities you desire in a home and the ideal location. This results in purchasing the best home that fits your lifestyle.
  • Susan listens and finds a selection of ideal properties based on your needs and what’s best for you.

Purchasing Process

  • Susan works to make you feel comfortable with the process of buying a home and guides homeowners, whether first time or experienced, to understand what will happen next in the process.
  • With Susan’s ten years of experience, she helps you consider things about each property that you may not realize. And, coupled with an outstanding home inspection you will be made aware of things that could potentially be a problem down the road.
  • There are strategies to present an offer, based on the location and market stability, which negotiate the best deal for you and your family.  It’s important to Susan to find a home within your financial comfort zone.


  • Feeling comfortable with the payment/mortgage is a key aspect of finding the perfect home.
  • Susan ensures you have been preapproved with a lender who will not just tell you what they qualify for, but also what the payment will be including property tax and insurance.
  • Susan helps you understand the financing (FHA) restrictions when buying a condo and how HOA fees affect the qualified purchase price of a home.

Experienced Homeowners

  • Now that you have owned a home you know the features and benefits that you would like to have in your next home.
  • Susan asks you about your particular passions, like entertaining, cooking or gardening and looks for homes that offer these amenities.


  • Susan enjoys being an advocate for Senior Citizens to purchase a new home or condo.
  • Finding the place that minimizes obstacles to physical conditions is huge to an older buyer: Wheel chair accessibility is necessary at times, as is the distance from the bedroom to the bathroom, and the distance to the laundry room if it’s not inside the unit.

Business Philosophy

  • Susan believes in “Givers Gain” and does everything she can to give you a GREAT experience so you will tell all your friends and family they need to use me for all their real estate needs. She routinely recommends good people who do quality work at practical prices.
  • Susan’s loyalty to her clients, friends, family and business associates makes her stand out among other realtors. She values providing excellent service and feels that maintaining relationships is the only way to do quality business.

Contact Susan today at 801-381-3479 or fill out the form

Oh, by the way…if you know of someone who would appreciate the level of service Susan provides, please contact her with their name and business number. Susan is happy to follow up and take great care of them. Susan is never too busy for a friend or a referral.

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